Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Home Sweet Home

Hey Guys!

So I am home! It feels so good to be back, I of course had a McDonald's once home, it took me a good hour to eat but it was so incredible. Double cheeseburger, large fries and a coke in case you are wondering!

Mine and Matts home faces!!

I had a long nap on the sofa with my quilt once I had eaten and just relaxed the afternoon away. Dad then cooked my favourite meal for dinner, home made pizza. I tell you after living off nothing much more than toast for a week, Margaret was not going to know what hit her. Poor thing! Again I was the slowest eater in history but it was so good. I set my alarm for the middle of the night to make sure it was all okay, as a bag explosion would not have been pleasant for either Matt or me on my first night home!

Yesterday Hilly (Becky) and Nash visited me, which was so lovely. I hadn't seen Hilly in so long and she came bringing gifts of beautiful flowers, cards, the best playlist of songs ever and a magazine with a free puzzle! She knows me too well, & me and Nashy spent a good while trying to do this children's 60 piece puzzle. It really should not have taken us as long as it did, and we were a bit too proud of the finished thing!

Hilly was apparently not photograph ready

There also seems to be a bit of a theme when Nash comes round, it didn't take long before she was rummaging through my wardrobe yet again! This time it was to find a dress for Ascot! Lucky girl! She ended up leaving with three of my dresses, ready for a trying on session at home; lets all hope I get to see them again! 

My beautiful flowers

It is so nice to start getting all my lovely friends home from Uni. They are all now graduating and I am so proud! It only seems 5 minutes ago that they were all off to Uni! I am a year behind my friends as I did an extra Art Foundation year before starting my degree so still have a year to go.
Hilly is an illustrator, and I love her work so much, you might have seen the card she made me in a previous post. 
Nashy is interested in interior design and architecture, and is part of an exhibition coming up in London soon!
Check out both of their work if you fancy a little mooch, they both have some amazing stuff!

I also had a very exciting post day! Three cards and a parcel. I opened it up to find a beautiful book, Grace Coddington's Autobiography from my lovely cousin, Nic. It is so up my street I can't tell you, I love it, it is full of wonderful hand drawn illustrations throughout. It is such a perfect gift for whilst I'm lying in bed!

Harry visited me again today, a week after last time! So much has happened in the past seven days, it seems ages ago that I was having my starvation day, yet it has gone so fast. I have been feeling really tired today and needed a long nap this afternoon. I know it is only to be expected and I really do have to be careful not to run before I can walk! One big improvement is my knee, I am now free walking with no crutches which has made a big difference. I still have to take stairs one at a time and I can't kneel or bend my leg fully but at least I can get around! The stoma site is itchy, which I have been told is sign of the wound healing but it is driving me mad! It is also really quite sore and you don't realise how key your tummy muscles are until you try and move. Having a laughing fit is insanely painful!

I am also so hungry! I didn't think I would have much of an appetite but believe me, I do. Apparently this is because the intestine that is in use is in super mode and everything I eat is pretty much going straight through me before I have had enough time to absorb it properly. Not that I am complaining, after a week of having little much more than four slices of toast, I am happy to eat everything in sight!

I also thought it might be a good idea to answer questions about having an ileostomy and Crohn's. I have had a few questions already and I know even I get confused by it all. So if anybody has any questions then please get in contact, either by leaving a comment or through Twitter etc. No question is too gross, too silly or too obvious and I'm sure whatever you might be wondering, most other people are too! Once I have a few questions I'll do a post for you all!

Lots of love

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  1. I'll kick off the comment questions with something I'm debating about and maybe others are too. How do you feel about having your bag on show?
    I'm currently in a dilemma over whether I'm 'allowed'to wear clothes that show my burns and other scars. Its been 10 months since my accident but I'm still immobile and wearing boring clothes so I havn't yet been in a situation like a night out where people might see them and judge. I had half of my hair shaved at the scene and I already find it hard knowing people see that xxx