Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bye Bye Uni!

So that is it!
After three long years full of many highs and rock bottom lows I have finally finished my degree. Last week I handed in my final major project, "Chroma Notebooks", after setting up my exhibition space. I expected to hand it all in and be on a huge high, instead I didn't really feel anything. I was exhausted and felt like I wanted to sleep for weeks, the nights after my hand in I still struggled to sleep and felt anxious. It was only until a few days later that I felt a massive sense of relief. Now, nearly two weeks on, it has really hit home! I spent the Bank Holiday weekend celebrating with all my wonderful friends. Tonight is my final exhibition opening for family and friends which will also help mark an end to my time at UCA. I don't graudate until mid June and I have no idea when I will find out my grade but until then I plan to enjoy the freedom before I enter the 'real world'.

The stress of these final few weeks had clearly been starting to take their toll on my old tummy. I had been having sore stomach cramps and back ache which for me are the first warning signs of the Crohn's playing up. I also suffered from this weird white stuff coming out of the other end of Margaret - the bit of intestine connected to my un-used intestine. This did worry me quite a bit so I got in touch with my consultant who thankfully put my mind at rest. Luckily it seems to have now settled down and all my symptoms have disappeared! I always new stress was a big factor in my disease and this made it all the more clear. 

My exhibition space

My portfolio 

My graduation dress

As I have mentioned many times my quest to tone up and keep fit is an on going battle. I love the idea of exercise and looking slim but hate, with a passion, getting out of breath. I have decided however that with three months to go until my holiday to Spain, I really should join a gym! I have been twice since I joined three days ago which is a good start! I guess we'll see how I get on.
Last night my lovely friend Phoebe and I decided to try something new. We headed to our first aerial hoop class. For those that don't know you basically do a series of moves/poses/transitions on a hoop suspended in the air - a bit like in the circus. I went in thinking it would be a bit of fun, never expecting it to be as hard work as it was. The work out my arms and stomach had was intense; I could barely use the gear stick to drive home and the backs of my knees were in agony. It was only when I got home that I could have a look.

These are the backs of my knees just 10 hours after the class. You spend a lot of your time gripping the steal hoop with the backs of your legs, with them taking your whole body weight. Obviously my knees were not a fan of this and the bruising I have been left with is pretty awful. Strangely I am quite keen to head back and get better. It felt so good to be doing something different whilst keeping fit and I felt like I learnt so much!... I will let you know how I get on next week...

Finally the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards have come round again, if you love what I do and fancy entering me for the Best Newcomer or Best Lifestyle Blog then I would be very grateful!


Lots of love!