Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween and Cake!

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay in posting!
I had the best birthday night out, I ended up wearing the black spotty dress (seen in my last post). Matt and I were running late and ended up running for the train, we got there in the end with the help of Harry picking us up half way. We opened a bottle of champagne on the train and caught up with everyone. The food at TGIs was so good, it has been my favourite place to eat for ages and I haven't been in months, way before Margaret. We sipped cocktails and ate way too much and right at the end of the meal I was instructed to stand on my chair, had a huge balloon hat plonked on my head and had happy birthday sung to me in front of the whole restaurant. It was slightly embarrassing especially as I was wearing a pretty short dress. After dinner we headed to a cocktail bar which was so good.
I had to empty Margaret but there were only two small toilets, neither of which flushed... I was a bit embarrassed and didn't know what to do. Matt came and saved the day explaining to the bar man that I had recently had surgery on my intestine and needed somewhere a bit more private and discrete to use the loo. The bar man then took us outside, through two coded doors and in to the locked shopping centre to open a disabled toilet for me! What a star. I am a lucky girl to have such a supportive boyfriend.

This past weekend I headed to my friend, Pheeb's Birthday/Halloween party. Originally I was going to go as a cow, purely because I have a cow mask which I have never worn - it moo's and everything. After much thought I changed my mind and opted for a witch, which was the scarier option. Matt went as a clown and I did his face paint for him! I have to say I think he looked really good! and pretty creepy...

Margaret again had another leak in the night, something I am slowly getting exhausted by. This time I didn't get up quite in time and had to strip the sheet and mattress topper whilst poor Matt was sleeping. Luckily he just rolled over and had no real memory of it in the morning. I really can't work out why it keeps on happening, it is always on day 3 of having the bag on - maybe I just need to change it more frequently! I am also suffering with the bag ballooning with gas at night time, this doesn't trouble me in the day but the moment I lie down thats it, the whole bag fills to bursting point with gas. This is very irritating but apparently completely normal - I guess I just need to man up and get used to getting out of bed once a night...
In the past week I have also had around 6 or 7 people ask me for advice or tips about medication, ostomies or Crohn's. I am more than happy to answer any questions anyone might have and was thinking of maybe setting up a question box on my blog for those who don't have my direct contact details...
what do you think?

This past week I have also done a lot of baking! I have made a victoria sponge with butter cream icing, vanilla cupcakes and finally an apple, cinnamon and raisen cake. I have definitely gotten the baking bug again!

Its half term at the mo so I am crazy busy juggling babysitting and Uni, but I will do my best to update it soon!
Lots of love

Friday, 18 October 2013

Belly Warmers & Belated Birthday Celebrations

Hi Guys

So last week I was contacted by a lovely lady, and reader of my blog, about some her products. We had a quick chat and she explained all about NukuNuku. I did a quick google search and was very intrigued and was lucky enough to have one sent over!
Nukuku are a range of haramaki belly warmers, bought over from Japan, where they wear them all the time! They are basically a band of fabric which you wear around your belly, which can have a variety of benefits. I chose black as I thought it would go with everything and was so excited when the package came through the door.
I was a bit sceptical as it really does look like a piece of fabric, and I couldn't see what was so different about them, or why they were so special!

I quickly popped it on and put my pyjamas on over the top, and I tell you I could sleep in this thing it is so comfy. It is like having an extra warm layer across your middle, which is an obvious benefit in this cold weather! It doesn't cut in to me at all, and works even with a growing Margaret. I am a big lover of the hot water bottle and have always used them to soothe painful stomach cramps or to provide comfort and warmth - this belly band does a similar thing but in a much more practical way. It also provides a sense of support for Margaret. As some of you may have seen, I have used a support band before, provided by one the ostomy care companies - and this belly band beats that one hands down. I have yet to test it out under normal clothing, so as yet, do not know how it lies under my clothes, but I will let you know. I did end up sleeping in it one night and found that it did ride up and became annoying and uncomfortable - saying that, they probably aren't made for sleeping in.
If any of you want to check them out, you can find them at NUKUNUKU
Check them out and let me know what you think!

I have been incredibly busy the last few weeks, I am well in to the swing of things at Uni, going in 1-3  mornings a week, I have also been doing a lot of childminding/babysitting - which I am finding exhausting! It is great practice and experience for when I do my teacher training but it is so draining. My tutors are gobsmacked that I am trying to do it all, especially as it is my final and most important year! I get home, eat, shower and go straight to bed - which is pretty boring!
In the past couple of days Margaret has leaked twice.
The first time, I was exhausted. I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. Once it was all sorted out I then couldn't get back to sleep for an hour. I tell you, the next day was a huge struggle. I don't understand why she leaked! It drives me crazy, and at 2am really gets me down. As my life gets back to normal I do find myself wishing that I didn't have her. Although it is down to her that I am feeling better, I wish I could just be healthy without the hassle of having her there.
I also wish that I could have a break from her. I hate that I can't take her off for more than ten minutes at a time or when I am in the shower. I wish for a couple of hours I could whip her off and not have it there. It's odd that even though most of the time I can't feel her there, if I think about it too much I start to feel strangely claustrophobic.

Today I had an appointment with my gastro-consultant, and it went really well. I have halved my dose of the Humira injections to one every two weeks, which I am so glad about - they aren't the nicest thing to have to do every week. All in all it was so positive. I told her all about this blog (without mentioning Margaret's name) and she thought it was brilliant. I have put on some weight, which was inevitable as I am now eating properly, however, I would like to lose a few pounds and tone up.
There was the loveliest nurse in the outpatients department, we chatted for a while and she was so friendly and kind. When I was later waiting for my bloods in another room, she walked through and gave me the biggest smile and wave! It really made my day!
Talking of blood tests, my arm was pretty butchered today. The first attempt didn't work so she stuck a whopping great big needle in my left arm for a second try. I have to say, it was one of the more painful blood tests I have had to have done. It ached for a good hour afterwards, which I have never had before. She didn't even crack a smile!

My weekend is looking like its going to be a good one! I have more babysitting and Saturday night I am heading out with some of my gorgeous friends for a belated birthday meal and night out full of cocktails! I can't wait despite really struggling with what to wear. I have narrowed it down to three options...

Let me know what ya think!
Lots of love

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Best Birthday Weekend!

AAgain it has been a long while since my last post, very sorry about that!
So last weekend was my 22nd Birthday - Friday 4th October! - I woke up that morning bright and early to open some gifts and cards before everyone went off to work and school. Matt had taken the day off which I was so glad about, as my last birthday I spent all day on my tod! I got some lovely gifts including a list-making notebook, something I was SO excited about... & the most beautiful Michael Kors watch. I have wanted one for a while so was made up with I got it! A very happy girl indeed.

When all my cards were opened, Matt turned to me and asked,

"Have you packed a bag then?"

I did look a bit confused, with no idea what he was on about! I knew he had planned something for the Saturday as I was told not to arrange anything with my friends on that day. Anyway, it turns out he had planned a long weekend away in London including an afternoon at the Harry Potter Studios! I was so so excited, especially as I had just over an hour to pack and get ready before heading off to the train station. We quickly packed a bag and headed off for what was to be the best weekend I have had in a very long time!
The Harry Potter Studio Tour was everything I thought it would be, I am a die hard Harry Potter fan and have wanted to go for so so long. Matt on the other hand isn't such a fan, but actually really enjoyed it. I found it amazing being able to walk in to the great hall and be so close to all the sets and props as well as find out how it all worked behind the scenes! I tried butterbeer which wasn't so tasty but the free cup was great!

After the tour had ended we headed to find our hotel. Matt had booked us two nights at The Mayfair Hotel, an incredible five star hotel! I have never stayed in such an amazing place. The room was beautiful and we were treated like royalty. Matt had organised for strawberries, chocolate and champagne for when we got to our room - which was so lovely. That evening we headed out to Soho and Piccadilly Circus, as Matt had never been. We had an amazing dinner and cocktails. I then spotted one of the men on bikes which a carriage thing at the back. I have wanted to go on one for a very long time and this seemed like the best opportunity! Matt asked the guy how much it was to get back to Piccadilly Circus, to which he replied £10. Before Matt had the chance to reply I accepted the offer and jumped in; I think the wine had something to do with that! Matt rolled his eyes before asking for some 'romantic music - like Enrique' - just to embarrass me I'm sure! The lovely man put on 'One Direction - Little Things' to which I pealed with laughter. We wrapped ourselves in a blanket as we whizzed through traffic - despite the fact I thought we may crash, it was honestly one of the happiest moments of my life! I was so so happy. The whole journey lasted less than the one song, Matt was outraged at the huge amount of money such a small journey cost, but it made me so happy, so I think it was worth it. & what a way to end my birthday!
We ended up heading back to the hotel quite early - we were both shattered after such a long day, and the amazing bed was too much to ignore!

The following day we woke up at 10 and headed down to breakfast which was out of this world! I loved every mouthful, we were presented with everything you could possibly wish for! Full English, meat, cheese, breads, cereals, fruits, salmon, eggs, waffles and pancakes were there for the taking. Breakfast is normally my least favourite meal of the day but in this instance it was definitely my favourite. Our day was spent shopping and eating lovely food. We met up with one of our lovely friends, another Matt, and spent a long afternoon at a shisha bar in Mayfair which was so relaxed.
We decided not to head out that evening and instead ordered in room service (twice!) and had a drink in the hotel bar. Another amazing day.

I was absolutely heart broken to leave the hotel the following morning. The weekend has gone so quick yet it felt like weeks since we had left home. We did spend the rest of the day in Covent Garden, having drinks and yummy food whilst watching some hilarious street entertainers. I was gutted to leave London and get back to the real world after the most amazing weekend. It was so good to spend some time away with Matt - it had been over two years since we had gone away together! & after what can be described as the worst year of my life, I felt that we definitely deserved it.
Margaret did pretty much behave herself whilst we were away. I don't know how much she loved the alcohol or huge amounts of food we had though! I woke up that first morning to find the adhesive had lifted away! Luckily I had bought lots of spare stuff with me so I didn't need to worry. I did however find that the alcohol bloated me a lot - it never really used to, but this time my tummy swelled up like a beach ball, I thought I was going to pop! Maybe it is the type of alcohol I had - too many cocktails!

All in all I had the loveliest birthday - definitely one of the best I have ever had! Matt had gone to so much trouble and spoilt me rotten - I want to go back.

The last week in the real world, has been long and tiring. Juggling Uni with babysitting duties has been very tough and I am worried about it all, but I am sure it'll be okay.

I will try my best to blog much sooner and update you all!
Lots of love