Saturday, 6 June 2015

Two years on...

Hey guys,

Today marks two years since I had my ostomy surgery and welcomed Margaret in to my life. This time last year my post was pretty positive, I think mainly because deep down I still thought I would be able to have a reversal. Margaret felt temporary, where as now she doesn't. My life suddenly feels permanently changed, which is odd a whole two years on. Looking back on the photos of me around the time of my surgery, I feel kind of sad. I wasn't in a good place at all and in hindsight, I can see how shit things really were in so many ways. Despite my negative feelings towards having Margaret for ever, looking back makes me hugely grateful for how I feel right now. I'm pretty bloody lucky.


              (Day of surgery)                                                         (Two years on)

This past year I have achieved lots of things on my Big Life To Do List (although I am yet to meet David Beckham) and have plans in place to achieve some of the others. I'm both apprehensive and excited about what the next year holds. Of course, huge huge love and massive thanks to every one of my family and friends for their never ending support and to everybody who still reads this blog - you're all amazing.
As always, onwards and upwards.

Love XXX

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