Monday, 29 June 2015

June Update!

Hello everyone!

With June coming to an end, marking half way through 2015 - I thought it'd be a good time to update you all on the bits and pieces I've been up to!

First of all, last week I finally had my physio appointment for my knee. It comes months after my initial diagnosis appointment and since then I have worked really hard at the gym, strengthening my legs and getting my fitness levels back up! The physio lady was so lovely and could see that I was already making progress - she gave me a bunch more exercises to do to help further and I'm going back in a month to see how I have been getting on. I was also informed 'I have a great walk', so thats something to add to the CV.

Speaking of CV's (kind of) Chroma has also been doing really well recently and has been keeping me very busy. I have given up my part-time childminding & am officially full time Chroma! Eeek! It's a bit scary but is probably only going to be for the Summer. I've decided I'm going to get a part time job in Cardiff to help with bills and to make some friends...

Now for the fun stuff! Last week I headed to London for a day of fun packed activities! I met up with my lovely uni friend, Em for the most incredible pizza ever at Franco Manca on Tottenham Court Road. If you're ever that way, you have to check them out for super cheap, stone baked, sour dough proper Italian amazingness. We did a spot of shopping before I headed for a catch up meeting with one of my old tutors who has continued to be hugely supportive with Chroma since I graduated last year. I walked in expecting to have a chat over a coffee and ended up celebrating one year of business with a glass or Prosecco and some yummy nibbles. Getting out of the house did me the world of good and it really helped to talk over how things are going with other people.

I then went on to a magazine issue launch party at a lovely boutique that Chroma had contributed to. Now, short of sticking me on top of a tall building with a pack of rats, these kind of things are kind of my worst nightmare. I always end up feeling incredibly awkward and lose my ability to make small talk or even introduce myself properly. This one, however, was the best so far! Networking is something I know I have to do and get better at so I set myself the task of talking to at least three complete strangers. I did one better and ended up chatting to 4 - my all time record! Most of the girls there were with friends and had dressed up for the occasion, I on the other hand had spent a hot, sweaty day in London & was carrying a bag of rugs I had bought with Em (don't ask). My make up had come off & I was limping (more on that later). I immediately felt intimated and busied myself pretending to look through the rails of clothes and stacks of jewellery. After 10 minutes I did pluck up the courage to initiate conversation and it went well! Everyone I spoke to was so lovely, I even met a fellow dachshund owner. It definitely helped build up my confidence & was actually quite fun. Next event I am going to up my game further and speak to at least 5 people!

I also have a new injury to announce (I like to keep you all on your toes)...
Whilst in London I managed to hurt my foot. I had stupidly decided to wear very flat, flimsy sandals which gave me a blister and didn't support my 'hyper-flexible' feet well at all. After power walking/lightly jogging to get to various trains, my left foot hurt like hell. The pain has gotten worse over the last three days, eventually leaving me pretty much non weight bearing yesterday afternoon. Today, I headed to Minor Injuries wondering if I maybe had a stress fracture, thankfully I have just pulled two ligaments running down the inside of my foot. I was pretty relieved, not just because it meant I hadn't broken anything but it also saved me the embarrassment of explaining the reason I had a cast was because I had walked too much.
I've been instructed to rest it fully for another 24 hours followed by two weeks of no excess walking or exercise - shame. A great excuse for lying in the sun watching Wimbledon if you ask me.

This post is already getting pretty long, but I shall update you soon on how I spent yesterday. It involved a limbo competition & lots of boobs.

Lots of love

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