Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Big Convo & a Big Gamble

Hi Guys,

I planned to post about this weeks ago but time ran away with me, as it always does so...
Three or four weeks ago I had my standard appointment with my Dr. Consultant at the hospital. The amount of time between these appointments varies depending on how healthy I am and whats going on. This time it had been 6 whole months since my last one, which is always a good sign.

I arrived early as ever and got weighed (never a pleasant experience) before taking my seat outside the waiting room. The appointment went much the same as it always does, with questions from how I was feeling and how my symptoms have been to what I was generally up to. I let her know that the teaching idea had been put on the shelf until further notice and instead I was pursuing Chroma (more to follow on that later).
As the appointment was wrapping up Dr. Consultant asked me, "So are you happy to leave things the way they are?". To which in classic Gabi form I replied, "Yeah I guess so", despite my head thinking the opposite. Luckily Dr. Consultant knows my quite well by now and saw straight through this, probing me to really say what I thought. I explained that although I was getting on fine and enjoying being the healthiest I had been in a long time, ideally I would love to have Margaret reversed...

I was half expecting a disappointing reply, thinking that the likelihood of this happening wasn't all that high but was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Consultant agreed to carry out some tests to see if it would be a viable option. I don't think anyone has ever looked so pleased at the news that a colonoscopy was on the cards! I skipped out of that office with the biggest smile on my face, blood & colonoscopy form in hand, ready to book. Thankfully due to past colonoscopy experiences I am able to be knocked out for it, so although I'm not thrilled may anxiety levels shouldn't be too high. The even better news is that, due to Margaret, I don't need to take any of that horrible bowel prep before the ordeal!
I am now sitting tight, waiting to hear from the hospital with an appointment.

I am trying really hard not to get my hopes up, I was firmly explained before I even had Margaret that I only had a 1-2 in 10 chance of having her reversed. Although it is really hard not to hope and think for the best I know I have to be realistic about the situation. There is also the added factor that if I were to go for the reversal surgery it would mean another hospital and recovery and see me out of action again for six weeks. When you are already very poorly a hospital stay and recovery process doesn't seem to matter as much, but when you are healthy and enjoying life, it is suddenly a big deal. Choosing the timing of my surgery (if I am to have it) will be key and have to work around life and work. Luckily I am largely working for myself, being officially self employed and running Chroma.

Which leads me swiftly on to some very very exciting news. I have officially launched a KICKSTARTER campaign for Chroma! 

As you guys know I have spent the past few months working really hard to get Chroma off the ground but to take it to the next level I need to raise some money. In order to do this I have set up a Kickstarter project, aiming to raise £4,000. Kickstarter is a crowd funding site; it works by members of the public pledging an amount of money in return for rewards, such as a set of your own Chroma notebooks, our Chroma poster or a digital portrait of yourself in the style of our amazing animated film. 
However, Kickstarter is all or nothing; if I do not raise the full £4,000 then Chroma will not receive a penny. This is why I need as much help as possible. If you are able to pledge some money to my project, no matter how big or small, I would be incredibly grateful. If not however it would be equally as great if you could help me spread the word. The more people that hear about Chroma the more likely my campaign will be a success!  
Head over to my Kickstarter page HERE for more information on how Kickstarter works, my project and how you can help. My brother, Sean, has also made a pretty amazing animated film which if all else fails is definitely worth a watch!

I will leave you with that plea and will of course keep you updated with how the possible reversal goes!

Lots of love

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  1. Gabi, you have done so well to get this far. I really hope that you get the answer you want but if not then perhaps in another 6months you will be ready. Such a determined person, you always keep me spurred on!