Friday, 31 January 2014

January January January

Hi Guys, 

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought it was about time I updated you all on my goings on. 
I have spent most of January with my amazing friends, having some well deserved time for myself and having a lot of fun. This month has also included saying goodbye to another of my best girl friends, waving her off to Oz. Nashy left a week ago now, to join Cho down under. It is so weird that one by one most of my friends are heading round the world - at least there is another 5months before Zo and Hill go though... 

Bye Bye Nashy 

I also met up with a very old friend from Oz, Lauren. She and her family went to live there when we were about 12 and I have only seen her once, very briefly, since. It was so bizarre catching up with her after ten years but it was so lovely. So much has happened in ten years, its's hard to even remember back that far!

Me and Lauren

Harry and I on his birthday - one of my oldest and bestest friends.

Nashy, Hill, Me and Joey on Nashy's last night out

My New Years resolutions have so far been going quite well. 
I have at least one holiday sorted, I'm going away for two weeks with my family, probably to Spain - which will be amazing. I haven't been away in such a long time, I am craving the sun so badly. This means I definitely need to start the search for Margaret appropriate bikinis... something which I have a feeling may take a long while. Joey and I are also talking about our wild plans to visit loads of exciting places, so we'll see where we end up!

The running isn't going so well... one morning I did strap on my trainers, plug in my music and set off. It started off well, I felt great! After a short time I began to feel this almost burning pressure in my chest all the way up to my ears, and my breathing was getting heavier. I didn't think much of it, and just assumed it was due to my lack of exercise and running abilities. I stopped a couple of times and did some power walking and during a song pause I realised my breathing sounded horrific. It was a whistling, rasping, wheezing sound, the pain got worse and ended up having to walk home. My inhaler quickly fixed the problem, but it did put me off big time. Maybe running isn't my thing...

I am also happy to say that I have successfully given up McDonald's (and all other take aways) for the whole of January, which I am ashamed to say is the longest I have gone without one in probably 5-6 years! I am thinking of maybe trying for the whole of Feb or maybe just having one on the first of every month. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. It has meant that I have lost 3/4lbs - which I am not complaining about. 

I have begun my job back on my old Art Foundation course as a graduate teaching assistant. I am really loving it, and although it isn't exactly the age group I want to teach, it still feels good to be working with people and helping where I can. I think it has also built up my confidence about talking in front of groups of people, which is something I have always hated doing. 

I was recently approached by the Crohn's and Colitis charity to see whether I would be interested in possible further media opportunities - something which I of course said yes to. I would be nervous about having the focus on me, I hate being the centre of attention but it is also so important to me that people get to hear and understand about Crohn's and ostomies. I'm not sure where this is going but it is still quite exciting! 

Uni has been going really well and keeping me busy, although I know I need to get in to gear and really get going with my work. I know once I have found my groove and get the bug there will be no stopping me but until I find where I am going with my final major project it is hard to get motivated. My dissertation on the other hand is all done and dusted and I strangely really loved doing it. I love writting and was so passionate about my title that I now miss it! It felt so nerve wracking to hand it in after months of such hard work but it is also now a weight off my mind!

This month much of my focus has been on Toby, my gorgeous pup. He has now reached his full adult size, which is crazy because he is still so small. We've been going to puppy classes which are hilerious. Last week I was told off, in front of the whole class, for laughing at him - I can't help it, he is just the most comical dog! My friend Jo and I sat there trying not to burst in to fits of laughter, whilst the dog trainer went in to detail as to why it's bad to laugh at your dog, whilst pointing directly at me. It felt like being in school again! Tobes has managed to learn how to sit, lie down and wait for his food, but still barks when he wants attention but doesn't bark when he wants to go out - not helpful! He does, however, make me smile every day, he has made quite a tough and hurtful time so much happier and easier. I love him to absolute pieces. 

This is a very edited selection of photos, as my friends would tell you, I am obsessed with taking photos of Toby...

Margaret has been largely behaving herself, the area around her is slowly becoming more and more sore and red. There has been some open skin which I have managed to heal all by myself with the help of some powder. I have such sensitive skin, I think it is struggling with the constant adhesive - its like the skin is thinning. I also managed to catch a stomach bug - my first with Margaret. I managed to cope with it all quite well and didn't feel nearly as poorly as I would have been if I hadn't had Margie. This past week I have had a nasty flu like cold. It isn't as bad as flu I've had before, but I have still been feeling very poorly indeed. I have had to miss uni and most annoyingly a planned weekend away in Bristol with my friends. I am supposed to be there now and am so gutted to miss it! My lack of immune system and constant tiredness really does get in the way sometimes... 

I will try my very best to update you all much sooner next time, 
Lots of love 

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  1. While Toby's a fully grown adult now, he still looks adorable! It looks like he's improved from his puppy habits by now, and he's learning new stuff. But yeah, just take care not to laugh at Toby in front of other people -- or dogs -- even though he could get very funny and cute at times. I hope you and Toby enjoy each other's company for a long time! Have fun!

    Dana Norris @ Kranky K9 Dog Training