Monday, 29 July 2013

Alan Carr & Injections

Hi Guys,

I want to start this post off with a special mention to my Uncle Alf, after a family BBQ this weekend, I promised him he would get a mention to try and 'spice up' my blog!

As many you will have seen I had a bit of exciting interruption to my Saturday night in a few days ago! There I was, dropping off to sleep when none other than Alan Carr retweeted my blog. Now I have gotten in to an awful habit of asking celebrities to RT my blog when I'm bored. I am so keen to get it out there, to educate people and rid the stigma attached to both bowel disease and stoma bags. I never really believe that these high profile people even look at my tweet, but after Sir Alan Sugar retweeted a few weeks ago my faith was restored. Since Lord Sugar first tweeted about my blog I have had lots of lovely celebrities and high profile people in the entertainment, sport & fashion industry retweet my blog - which I am truly grateful for. I was so excited that Mr Carr tweeted it, but it was around midnight and everyone was asleep so I was left to celebrate on my own. A couple of my friends who I thought would be awake, including Jess in Oz received texts.
To all my new readers, who have turned up via Alan Carr or otherwise, big hi and thank you for reading, I really appreciate it.

Now for an update on old Margaret, who continues to be a right pain in the arse.
I rung my stoma nurse last week after realising I was allergic to the new bags. It has now been decided that I will stick to my old ones and muddle on through as we have kind of run out options regarding the convex type. I have such sensitive skin and react easily that there aren't any conex bags out there left to try. This means that the seeping is continuing as well as the itching and irritation. It isn't exactly ideal but I guess, right now, it is my only option.

I am also continuing my Humira injection treatment as well as tablets daily. A lot of people are often intrigued and ask a lot of questions about the injections I have to do. Many people are, as I was, terrified by the thought of self injection but I want to put everyones minds at rest.
Below is a photo diary of injecting - NO PHOTOS OF NEEDLES for the squeamish out there.

Humira pen injection - very quick and easy and you don't have to see any needles.

Ice on the site where I will inject - means I do not feel anything

Pen with both caps off, ready to inject 

You press the grey end to the site, click the purple/red button and hold for 10ish seconds

Here is the site after the injections, the tiny pin prick barely leaves a mark and if it does it is a small bruise which fades after a few days. The red area is thanks to the ice. 

If I am honest, sometimes it is sore but I have found ways of combating this and making it less painful and much easier. Ice is a life saver, numbing the area. The needle is tiny and moves so fast out the pen I don't even feel that go in, the liquid however is quite thick so that going in to my tummy is what can be sore. The site can sometimes itch afterwards but an antihistamine soon clears that up. The whole process is about fifteen - twenty minutes out of my week and yet it kept me symptom free for years. Humira has been my wonder drug. 

On Wednesday I am heading to Bournemouth with two of my best friends, Jo and Nash, to visit another best friend Becky. I am so excited, it will be Margaret's first proper night out, trip to the beach and night away from home. Before Margaret I could have gone away with a small overnight bag but thanks to all her stuff, I am heading away with a huge bag instead!! 
As I will be spending a day at the beach, I had to sort out some Margaret friendly swimwear. When I am at home I am more than happy to sunbathe in a normal bikini with the bag out, but in public I do not want to scare others off. Personally, it doesn't bother me so much if my bag could be seen, but I don't want it to upset others around me. So, for the first time since I was 11, I bought myself a swimsuit. 

I love it! It is feminine and such a gorgeous colour. I don't feel frumpy or old in it, you can't see Margaret at all and it is in fact a lot more slimming than most other swimsuits or bikinis. 

I won't be posting on Wednesday as I will be away, so will update you on my Friday post. I will also start posting only twice a week, Mondays and Fridays, as things calm down in my life. My Wednesday lists will now be on Fridays instead.

Thank you all for your continued support and love. 
Love you lots


  1. that swimsuit is so lovely on you! blue is such a nice colour, really suits you. love the blog as ever xx

  2. What a gorgeous swimsuit! I can never find any decent ones... & fab news that Alan Carr retweeted you, I'm sure you have lots of new followers now which is great :) x

  3. Hey Gabi, my partner was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis earlier this year and didn't respond well to steroids, they then later found out it it was more severe then they had previously thought, it covered the whole of his large intestine. They put him on Humira pretty much straight away and his symptoms have disappeared since using the injection so it's really a wonder drug to us too. For him it was either try this or have an operation to remove all of his large intestine.
    I was just wondering did you try Humira before having your operation to create Margaret? Did it not work successfully enough to avoid having a stoma?
    You blog is great nice to read about your ups and downs especially from a perspective of a young person. :)

    1. Hi! I'm so glad you have enjoyed my blog.
      Yup I was on humira for nearly two years before Margaret. It kept me symptom free for the whole time and then suddenly stopped working!

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  5. Where did you get your swimsuit from? So pretty!!

    1. Oh bummer, not a store I get here in Australia. Haha looks great :)

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