Friday, 11 November 2016

10 weeks post op.

Hi Guys, 

So, things still seem to be on the up! I met with my surgeon around two weeks ago who had a look at the bottom end wound and was pretty happy with how it was going. Obviously, in an ideal world it would have healed straight away and wouldn't have opened up at all but considering it has, things are okay. A suction type dressing was briefly mentioned but dismissed, as he thinks the packing & dressing methods the district nurses are using, are working so far and will hopefully continue to work. Since I've seen him the wound has again got smaller and is definitely less uncomfortable! Fingers crossed as every week goes by, it'll continue to shrink and eventually heal completely. I'm due to go back and see him in a few weeks time, so hopefully it'll be even more healed then!

My tummy wound is now dressing free, which is a big relief. I developed some sort of allergy or reaction to the dressing and fluid leaking out of the wound. It caused the skin between the wound & Margaret to break down and get very, very angry looking. The skin was raw and oozy, which was as nasty as it sounds! Luckily, now that I'm dressing free and the tummy wound has healed to the surface, the surrounding skin is also starting to heal. I have such sensitive skin, I'm surprised it's lasted this long without playing up! I think in an ideal world they would have kept the dressing on a little longer so I'm a bit paranoid about it, but so far (touch wood), it's looking okay. My tummy is something I have been worried about a lot, an area around the top of the wound (nearest the bit that has just healed) is still a bit tender under the skin, which bothers me. My logical mind tells me that it's normal healing, after all, my insides have to heal like my surface wound does. My muscles have been cut apart and stretched, the nerves have been messed up, it's going to take time to heal and settle down. My illogical, anxious mind, however, keeps flagging this up as a worry. I get hung up that something has gone wrong under the skin, even though I know this isn't likely to be the case. The fact you can't see what is going on, on the inside, bothers me. Consistently, my worries have become reality and things which the Dr's have said should help me, haven't. I feel used to things going wrong but have become paranoid that this will always be the case. I am, however, doing my best to let my logical mind win and week to week, as things heal more, my anxiety is lessening and I'm less on edge, waiting for something bad to happen. 

I have also kept up my walking! My record so far is 10,000 steps in a day, the most I've done in three and a half months. I've been in to town with Mum a few times, each time finding it a little easier and less exhausting. I've managed to go to a fireworks display, perch on cushioned benches for lunch out and even made it to the cinema (sat in the VIP very comfy seats thanks to my lovely Dad). I can definitely feel myself getting stronger and my stamina is increasing. Every 'normal' thing I get to do, makes me feel better. I'm still not able to drive and the daily visit from the nurses is a constant reminder than I am still not fully 'better' but things are on the up and every week brings with it new, small victories. 

My energy levels are also still increasing. Just yesterday it got to 10pm and I realised, I wasn't that tired, I can't explain how unheard of that is for me. I'm used to waking up tired so it feels so bizarre to feel I can do more in my day. 

The past few weeks have also had some very exciting things happen! One of my oldest and best friends, Becky, surprised me early from travelling! She's been gone for two and a half years with only two short trips back in that time. I haven't seen her since Christmas so having her back for a few months is going to be so great. I answered the door expecting my brother or the UPS man only to see Bex! It was such an amazing surprise which really boosted my mood. I've continued to have amazing friends visit, (Cara & Em, I love you) and went out past 7pm to celebrate a friends birthday.

Hopefully things continue to get better and this annoying wound continues to heal!
Gabi x 

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  1. Hi Gabi,

    I hope you're continuing to heal. I've enjoyed following your blog as I watch my father in law also deal with his own Ostomy. Thanks for sharing your journey, through your experience and willingness to share I feel that I am learning so much to be a more supportive wife to my husband and daughter in law to my father in law.

    I hope you are still healing up well. Sending good vibes your way from across the pond in NYC.