Thursday, 10 September 2015

7 weeks later...

Hi Guys,

So it has been a while since my yoga catastrophe and things have not really been going to plan. As you may have read in my last post, I was sent home from A&E with a packet of codeine & the hope I would be on my feet soon.

Well 7 weeks later and I have just had my 'urgent' knee Dr appointment. In that time, I have gone from no weight barring at all & on two crutches to hobbling around on one out the house and getting by with none at home so that is an improvement. On the other hand, my one holiday of the year to Paris was cancelled, I have been unable to drive & the move to Cardiff has yet to go ahead, although I am paying rent on the new house. Safe to say I'm pretty fed up.

Luckily I am able to work at home with Chroma so that is all still going really well. Mum & Dad have been a massive help getting all my orders to the Post Office and driving me around at weekends.  I have however had to turn down a lot of part time work which has left me pretty stuck, money wise. I have also had to spend a great deal of time on my own, stuck in the house - the record has been 8 days straight without leaving our street. Great!

7 weeks feels like a hell of a long time to wait for an urgent appointment but there was nothing I could do about it. When I finally saw the Dr, he was very kind but said he needed an MRI to be able to know what was wrong. Even I knew that would be needed. I am now waiting for an MRI scan before waiting to go back & see the knee Dr to find out what exactly is wrong & what treatment is needed.

About 3 weeks into the injury my "good" knee swelled up and became very stiff, I had two swollen knees. Thankfully I had another phsyio appointment booked so I was able to get some help, she informed me that I was starting to damage the "good" knee and needed to stop that getting even worse ASAP. Since then I have been sporting a rather beautiful blue knee brace... on the "good" knee. It has helped a lot and the swelling has done down. The physio also estimated that worst case scenario I would be looking at 6 months before being able to drive/move out/walk etc. so fingers crossed improve a lot faster than that!

The main issue at the mo is that I should have moved to Cardiff about 2 weeks ago, my room is looking beautiful and everything is ready to go, if only my knees were too! I can't move until I am can drive, get to my part-time job & able to walk Toby. I don't know how long that will be, I've just got to play it by ear.

Talk about one thing after another eh?! Will of course update soon.

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