Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Onwards & Upwards

So guys, I have some super exciting news! I am officially moving to Cardiff. Yes, at the grand old age of 23 years and 7 months I am finally moving out of my parents home. Before this blog even started, I did move out for about five months, for just over half of my first year at Uni. Since then, for the past three years, I have happily lived at home with my Mum, Dad and youngest brother, Dan. For a chunk of this time I was pretty poorly and really couldn’t have lived anywhere else. 

Since my surgery and especially in the past year or so, things have been going really well. I am both the happiest and healthiest I have been since before my Crohn’s diagnosis and I have managed to achieve lots of really exciting things. Many of these I wouldn’t have been able to do, had I not been living at home. I have to say aged 18 I never imagined that I would still have been living at home at nearly 24 but I think it has really been needed. Aside from the 18 or so months of being ill, the months after my surgery were pretty tough. I was adjusting to a huge Margaret shaped lifestyle change as well as a particularly nasty break up and needed the comfort and familiarity of home. It felt like it took quite a while to get back to my old self and get some of my self esteem & confidence back. I think it would have taken even longer had I not been surrounded by my family and old friends. Living at home has also allowed me to set up & establish my own business which I never dreamed, in a million years, I would be able to do. 

My parents have been nothing short of amazing, not batting an eyelid at me still living at home. Their love & support throughout everything has never wavered and I am so lucky to have such an incredibly solid support system around me. I know that if I wanted to they’d let me live at home forever! 

In the year since my graduation things have been largely really positive and I finally (kind of) feel ready to move out and on to the next chapter. As excited as I am, I am also utterly terrified. I know I’m going to miss home a stupid amount and it’s going to be a huge adjustment process. But I do feel, if I don’t do it now - it might never happen! It would be really easy for me to sit back and stay settled with my parents and I really don’t want to get too comfortable. I know the longer I leave it, the harder it is going to be... 

So, yes, I will be moving to Cardiff at the start of August 2015. I will be moving in with my brother, Sean, his girlfriend, Caz, & three other housemates. Three girls, three boys in a really lovely house with a small garden and spare room which will help with Chroma. It even has a working outside toilet... It’s like the house was made for me! I will be working from home and of course Toby is coming with me! As silly as it sounds, he is my main worry. The poor little guy is really going to miss my parents and other dogs (something I’m trying really hard not to think about) - he has never known anything different. I couldn’t ever leave him behind, we would both be miserable and I think he is really going to help settle any anxiety once I’m there. 

So there we have it! A bit of exciting (scary) news! I will, of course, be blogging my way through everything and updating you with how I get on. Any tips of moving out would be greatly appreciated, I feel a bit pathetic for being this nervous!

Lots of love 


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